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What is Brand and Generic Names of Drugs?

Not many people pay attention to what the manufacturer writes on the boxes when purchasing drugs. And this is a big mistake because the manufacturer indicates not only the main name of drug (brand) but also the second name in small print below (international non-proprietary name). Types of names on drug packaging Trade name (brand name) of the medicinal product. We know it and focus on it when buying drugs. This name is the prerogative of the manufacturer’s company and is its property, it is used during the advertising campaign to present the consumer with the exclusivity of this brand; International nonproprietary name is given by an authorized committee of the World Health Association. This organization is not privately owned by anyone, but rather becomes common to all medicines with this composition. You can give a lot of examples of how it looks. For example, acetylsalicylic acid has a brand name…

What Does Antibiotic Resistance Mean?

According to WHO, antibiotic resistance is a global problem today, with ever-increasing proportions every year. According to experts, we may soon encounter problems of the “pre-antibiotic” era if we do not take serious steps in this direction. We all know perfectly well that antibiotics are medicines designed to fight bacterial infections. In some cases, they are used not only for treatment but also for prevention. For example, for the prevention of infections in the preoperative period. Resistance in humans or bacteria? One of the biggest misconceptions is that resistance to antibiotics occurs in the human body. In fact, bacteria stop responding to antibiotics, not people. As the process develops, the effectiveness of drugs gradually decreases and eventually is completely lost. The further spread of resistant strains causes intractable infections.

Can You Take Allergy Medicine When Pregnant?

Everyone knows that a woman must thoroughly prepare for pregnancy and that during these nine months everything must be done with extreme caution, especially the choice of medicines. This is especially true for those who suffer from an allergy and have had seizures even before conception. Today, we will figure out what allergy drugs are safe during pregnancy and what effect the allergy has on the fetus. Allergies during pregnancy and their effect on the fetus We all know well that the fetus is closely connected with the mother, and therefore everything that happens to her one way or another will affect the forming or already formed fetus. Allergies are no exception. But how does it occur?

8 Common Myths About Trust Pharmacy

Nowadays, more and more customers purchase medications using the Internet, in particular — Trust Pharmacy. Our store offers a wide range of health-related products at lower prices. Recently, some myths appeared around our company. It turns out that some people are still afraid of ordering drugs through our online pharmacy because they think every such website is a scam. Today, it’s high time to dispel a few popular myths. Dispelling myths around ordering drugs online Myth 1: Trust Pharmacy sells low-quality medicines That is not true. With an online order, the quality of the products does not suffer because you order the same drug that is stored in a pharmacy with a physical address. You just make an order for the goods online. In addition to the appropriate quality, this also applies to expiration dates, storage conditions, etc.

3 Top Options to Save on Meds

Doctors prescribe ointments, tablets, probiotics, and medical cosmetics for different diseases’ treatment. People were always going to the same pharmacy next to the hospital the physician works in. Once you can be unsatisfied with the price. But there are various ways to save on medications but not health. A specialist from Trust Pharmacy will help us figure this out. Online Pharmacies The way to save money is to order medications from trusted online pharmacies. This is similar to a conventional drugstore, the difference of online pharmacies lies in they have no room to visit. Trust pharmacies sell medications from manufacturers. The prices in such online pharmacies are usually lower because they do not pay for the rental, manifold staff, advertisement, and etc. You may order even prescription drugs. The online pharmacies having a trusted reputation will require to send a prescription over email, fax or scan it for further processing…

Pharmacy Services’ Changes: View of US Specialists

In the very near future, the role of pharmacists will change dramatically. Pharmacies will not only provide many more services but will also begin to cooperate with insurance companies, promote social accounts and carry out telepharmaceutical consultations online. IT technologies have greatly influenced the activities of modern pharmacies, and in the near future, this effect will only increase. Pharmacies having one department are currently operating in a highly competitive environment, both from large chains and online pharmacies. Such services will be forced to change their approach to visitors, take on new functions, and show greater flexibility in solving the tasks they face. Otherwise, trusted online pharmacies will push out conventional drugstores from the pharmaceutical market. New terms Modern technical means, on the one hand, facilitate the work of pharmacies even online, on the other hand, they are a kind of test for the ability to adapt to new terms. In…

Buying Medicines in Online Pharmacies: Trends and Prospects

Nowadays, the popularity of online shopping is growing and gradually spreading to all new categories of goods. One such category is medications. Consumer research and analysis of internal data from search engines show that recently there has been an increase in user interest in finding and buying drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements online. In this article, we will look at the prospects for online pharmaceutical sales. Research has shown that online pharmacies have good prospects for development. According to surveys, the percentage of users who are potentially ready to buy medicines via the Internet is high: today 71% of people consider buying any medicines online, and 56% consider the likelihood of buying OTC drugs online. At the same time, 45% of online users have real experience in buying medicines (including vitamins), and 31% purchased over-the-counter drugs on the net. And only 23% of users refuse to buy medicines online.

What to Know About Buying Prescription Drugs Abroad?

Today, many customers wonder what medicines can be ordered in foreign online pharmacies. Medicines may be imported into the territory of your country if they are intended for personal use and are registered. However, only a limited list of drugs can be purchased abroad without a prescription, as a rule, these are drugs that are also freely available in your local pharmacies. In particular, these are some antihistamines, digestion-enhancing drugs, antipyretic drugs, etc. Many drugs are sold by a valid prescription issued by a licensed doctor. This applies to antibiotics, hormones, and many other medications. If the medicine is registered in your country and refers to OTC drugs, then a prescription or a statement certified by a doctor for its import is not required. According to the law, the importation of drugs containing potent or toxic substances that are not psychotropic or narcotic is possible only with a doctor’s prescription….