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What Are The Early Symptoms of Asthma?

How does asthma develop? You need to know to prevent the disease and stop it in time. Read this article and find out more about the causes, types and early symptoms of the disease. Causes and early symptoms of asthma Asthma is a common name for signs of suffocation of various etiologies. The most common etiologies include: bronchial form. Chronic disease of the upper respiratory tract, in which violations of the bronchi develop, from spasm to narrowing of the lumen; heart shape. Attacks of severe shortness of breath, suffocation caused by diseases or pathologies of the heart.

How to Take Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills like Alesse, Yasmine, Desogen are considered the most reliable means of preventing pregnancy. But they will be very effective only if you choose them correctly and know how to take birth control pills. Failure to comply with certain rules make the use of this contraceptive useless.

Amoxicillin Side Effects

If you open Amoxicillin instructions for use, you can see a huge list of side effects. This does not mean that every person who will take this drug will experience all of them at once. In most cases, treatment is completely painless and is not accompanied by any unpleasant sensations. However, sometimes a patient still experiences one or another side effect, and the most common of them must be known in advance.